Monday, 21 April 2014

Very Short Mondays: Fingers and Toes

Felix hung onto the ledge, and hoped they wouldn't find him here.  This was only the second Manhunt under the Fugitive Act, and he wanted no part in it.

Ten people were caught refusing to participate in the first one, and Felix had watched the court case on live TV.  He knew he had no chance of a fair trial.

Even if those ten people ever walked free, they'd been branded unpatriotic.  No employer would give them an interview.  No shopkeeper would sell them a loaf of bread.  They'd given up all rights to the benefits system.  All rights to free healthcare.  Their only chance of nutrition and care would be an extremely long incarceration.

Felix's toes and fingertips were really beginning to hurt now.


Link of the Day: Prometheus' Punishment


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