Monday, 25 August 2014

Very Short Mondays: The Coin-Operated Man

"Quick!" said the Coin-Operated Man as he burst through the door. "I bring terrible news!"

"What is it?" said the Professor.

"Hold on a moment," said the Coin-Operated Man. "Let me catch my breath."

"Bring his inhaler!" shouted the Professor to one of his assistants.

And the Coin-Operated Man wheezed and wheezed until they brought his inhaler.

"I'm okay now, I think," he said. "I bring terrible news. I've come to warn you of-"


"What? Come to warn us of what?" said the Professor. "Does anybody have any change?"

A sea of blank faces looked back at him. Some turned their empty pockets inside out.

"Professor," said the assistant who brought the inhaler. "I've always wondered. Why did you create the perfect Coin-Operated Man, and then give him asthma?"

"I'm not sure," said the Professor. "To make him more human, I guess. Although in hindsight it probably wasn't the best idea."

"Ah well," said the assistant. "It was probably nothing. You know how melodramatic he can be."

"Yeah," chuckled the Professor.

And so, we never saw Them coming.


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