Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Very Short Wednesdays: "Shop Assistant"

"Yes, madam, can I help you?" said the shop assistant.

"No thank you," said the lady, who was not really a lady, because she was unimportant.

"Oh," said the shop assistant, who had now seen the lady who was not a lady's yellow cane.  "I see you are unimportant."

But the shop assistant did not apologise, for the not-a-lady was unimportant.

Even though she wanted to.

And this did not go unnoticed.


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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

New T-Shirt: Game Of Chairs

It's been a bit of a wait, but I now have a couple of new t-shirt and greetings card designs up, and at least one more on the way.

Here's the first, inspired of course by everyone's favourite ultra-violent fantasy series:

You can buy T-Shirts and some other stuff in my new-shiny-looking Spreadshirt Shop and Greetings Cards and some other stuff in my Redbubble Shop.

My t-shirt came out really nicely, I'm very pleased with it.


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Friday, 22 May 2015

Comedy Sketch: Detective Jack

I've started filming some comedy sketches I've written. Here's the first. I'm going to be having fun making lots of technical filming and screen acting mistakes (there were a few on this one) and then trying to avoid the same make on subsequent shoots.

So this is Detective Jack, an exciting new British cop drama. After the apparent murder of a young woman, a renegade detective who doesn't play by the rules sets out to prove that it was just an unfortunate accident.

Direct link to video

Starring me (obviously), Hannah Cheetham as 'Hannah', and Darren Latham as 'Simon Dray'.


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