Monday, 11 January 2016

Very Short Mondays: Instagram

Yet another old one.  It appears I missed out and never posted a whole load of stories from my notebook.  I wrote this one last March.



Ruby opened her eyes.  Not her actual eyes, of course; no one did that any more.

The image was intermittent.  She sighed, cursed her Service Unit and gave her right eyeball a gentle flick.  It stuttered into life.

Maybe she'd make a casserole later.  She liked making casseroles.  She enjoyed the process of cooking.  She liked the smells, and she would set it on the dinner table, just watching the steam rising from it until it went cold.

Later she'd write a post about it, and update her followers on its slow decomposition until she threw it in the bin.

It would have to be vegetable though.  Meat was so expensive these days.


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