Monday, 18 January 2016

Very Short Mondays: Spotting Ickenham

Another from March last year.  I'm guessing it was probably on the train on an alternative route to work during a Tube strike.


Spotting Ickenham

Spotters were not exactly welcome in Ickenham, and they weren't exactly rare either.  Since the Act had been passed, these Government officials were no longer required to wear their garish yellow uniform.

Since then, Government income from fines had increased sevenfold, and the good folk of Ickenham were significant contributors to this.  They had long since been identified as Agitators and Speakers Out, and their local area's disproportionate Spot Offence Record was no accident.

If the Government wished to crush dissent, then this did not have the desired effect.  At first, suspicious local began to turn on each other.  In the first two months, three ordinary citizens were wrongly identified as Spotters and attacked.  The third died of her injuries, and it was then that the tide began to turn.

Local activists Rosemary Heathfield and Callum Springer launched a voluntary tagging programme for dissenters.  All Spotters were required to check-in fortnightly at their Regional Headquarters, and tagging events were timed to coincide with these occasions.  The scheme proved so popular that the Spotters were soon identified by elimination and driven out.

With Ickenham now under local control, Heathfield and Springer began rolling out the tagging programme to surrounding areas.

Nine months later saw the inauguration of their National Authority, which would ultimate go on to prove far more intrusive and oppressive than the old and much hated Government.


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